Religions in Finland Project

The Religions in Finland Project is a joint effort of the Church Research Institute and the Research Network for the Study of New Religions in Finland (USVA). Its aim is to collect information on religious communities operating in Finland.


The Religions in Finland Project will provide a completely new type of infrastructure for the purpose of researching the changing religious situation in Finland. Mapping the Finnish religious milieu is, however, not important for solely academic reasons. The diversification of the religious situation has broader societal consequences through the increased multiculturalism and value pluralism it brings along. The need for correct information for local and national authorities should not be underestimated in fields such as education and health care. Accurate knowledge of other people’s religions and ways of life can, for instance, ameliorate problems stemming from various stereotypes and other preconceptions that religious minorities face.


The main purpose of the Religions in Finland Project is to create a permanent and continuously updated digital database and information service for researching religious communities and studying religious change in Finland. The project is conducted in co-operation with several national university departments, mainly those of comparative religion and theological disciplines. The project creates an electronic platform for mapping, describing and analysing religious diversity in the country. As such, it continues the work of other national and local religious mapping projects. The main difference to these earlier efforts is a more systematic and comprehensive approach.

Please find more information on the project's website.