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Student Projects

As a renowned institution of higher education, the Center for Religious Studies (CERES) regularly trains students both undergraduates as well as graduates in analysing local religious diversity.


By offering courses and mentoring graduates' own research projects, CERES introduces students in quantitative and qualitative methods that derive from the sociology of religion and are especially suited for this field of study. Additionally, students are taught how to theorize findings with major concepts from pluralisations theories, individualisations theories, and the like. The Plureligion Network provides the infrastructure for academic exchange with young researchers with similar projects around the world.


Usually, student projects focus on the immediate neighbourhood of CERES, the religious communities and religious believers in the city of Bochum and the Ruhr area. Religious plurality can be found in all shapes and measures in the direct neighbourhood, because CERES' is situated in one of Europe's largest urban agglomerations, deeply formed by migration processes since the 1850s.


  • acquire an overview on the relevant literature, current state of research, and methods required,
  • track local religious communities in Bochum and the Ruhr area,
  • organise qualitative research by interviews and participating observation in a religious group and its respective community,
  • are supervised by CERES researchers in sociology of religion,
  • are supported in participating in national and international student workshops in this field of research.

All student projects are supervised and coordinated by Dr. Jens Schlamelcher.